Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Product Pitch"

I think they should wring me out
And sell me in a store.

I like Bed, Bath, and Beyond,
So we can go with that.
I’m pretty sure I’d be THE top selling product!

Put me on the top shelf,
‘Cuz I’m the best quality you can get.
What exactly am I?
I am the hope of the slaves,

The faith of the abolitionists,
The resilience of the civil rights activists:
I am Black excellence.
I’m not a hair color, type, or grade;
I’m not a specific color nor creed;

But I AM excellent.
I was created to succeed.
I was created to empower.
I was created to persevere.
And yet, they haven’t captured this essence

In a bottle to sell to the masses!
Why not? I’m asking that, too!
It’s needed, because if not there
Would be no need for tanning beds.

Would there be? Answer me, pale woman!
Oh PLEASE answer me, Mr. Olympia!
Because you slather yourselves in

A brown, shiny substance to make your better-than-average
Bodies look even better on a stage.

Sounds familiar, no?
Man, put me on the shelf, Mr. Marketing Manager!

Your skin is a little pale, too.
Let me slather you like you did great-great granddaddy.

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